Scientometrics Study and Authorship Network Analysis in Universitas Bina Darma Lecturer Publications

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Ferdi Aditya
Deni Erlansyah
Dendi Triadi
Rezki Syaputra


Scientometrics is a study of the measurement and analysis of science, innovation and technology through scientific publications. One form of measurement that can be done is through the measurement of the network of authors. This study uses authorsip network analysis as a measuring tool implemented in scientomentrics studies. The purpose of this study is to observe the Authorsip network formed between Bina Darma university lecturers, so as to determine which lecturers and faculties are the most productive in producing articles published in proceedings or journal. The method used in this research is Graph Degree Centrality. The software used for visualization of Gephi 0.9.2. The data used in this study is publication data for 2015 – 2020. Based on the results of this study, it can be concluded that the actor with the highest degree centrality value is the EU with a value of 28, where the EU is the actor with the highest number of publications. Meanwhile, the actor who has influence or relationship and often collaborates in publications with the highest score on Betweenness Centrality is AM with a score of 61500.94.

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