Author Guildlines

To send the articles in this journal, should be to follow the following  Template

  1. The editor accepts the manuscript or review of research results of the literature in the Indonesian or English, which has never been published.
  2. The manuscript is typed with a computer using Ms. Word, on paper size A4,  following  
  3. The title of the manuscript should be short, with words or phrases that reflect the content of the writing. Data (the) authors are entirely written without the title on the last sheet of the paper, with a description of the institutions/faculties/institutions work and field of expertise (if any).
  4. The Systematics script writing, to:
    1. The research paper consists of:
      • Abstract contains the research issues, how to implement it, the results and conclusions.
      • Keywords (written in the abstract).
      • Introduction (contains background, problems, purpose, scope, and theories that support).
      • Ordinances/research methodology (containing about research objects, materials, equipment, methods used, how to carry out the research and theories that support).
      • Results and Discussion (results in the form of research data that have been processed and poured in the form of tables, graphs, or photographs/pictures). While the discussion, analysis and describes the results of research concerning the supporting theories in research).
      • Summary (concluded the research results obtained).
      • List of References. Resource library/reference derived from more than one source (book, journal, internet, etc.).
    2. The paper, Literatures Studies of technology and Science; consists of:
      • Abstract
      • Key words.
      • Introduction
      • Discussion
      • Conclusions
      • Bibliography
    3. The article was written in the Indonesian or English; the abstract should be written in the Indonesian  and English. The abstract should be clear and concise, a maximum of 150 words, typed in one paragraph with italic (oblique) with a distance of 1,5 spaces. The number of pages for a minimum of  6 pages and a maximum of  12 pages.
    4. The table/image should be put on a separate page, generally at the end of the text. The author is enough mentions in the text, place the inclusion of tables or images.
    5. Each table and pictures are numbered sort, a title that corresponds to the contents of tables and images, as well as comes with source citations.
    6. References should be numbered and the numbering in order of appearance in the text. When referring to a references in document text, write the references number in square brackets, eg: [1]. The writing format that used in Agro Economic, AE, follows the format applied by IEEE standard. Reference minimal its 10 reference and with at least 3 pieces of the latest journal reference.
    7. The contents of articles are not the responsibility of the Editor. The editor reserves the right to edit without changing the meaning.  No correspondence unless accompanied by writing postage for returned (because it does not meet the requirements or needs to be fixed).
    8. The editor reserves the right to determine the journal to be published.