Aplikasi Metode American Productivity Center (APC) Dan Analisis Fishbone diagram Untuk Meningkatkan Produktivitas

Studi Kasus : UKM Kerupuk Acoy

  • Evelyn Rusady Teknik Industri - Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi - Universitas Katolik Musi Charitas
Keywords: Productivity, Fishbone diagram, Input, Output, APC Method


UKM Kerupuk Acoy is a small and medium business engaged in the production of kerupuk and kemplang which has been established since 2012. After conducting interviews it was found that there were internal problems caused by a decrease in productivity, namely the use of resources that were not yet efficient so that although there was an increase in sales but the benefits are not maximized. To overcome this, it is necessary to apply the APC method to see which inputs have an index below 100% so that improvements are needed to increase productivity. The results of data processing showed a decrease in productivity levels material, energy, and capital inputs. Using fishbone diagram analysis, the root cause of the problem was found, namely low material productivity due to waste of raw materials for flour and cooking oil as well as too dense kerupuk dough form and making kemplang dough rolls too large, low energy productivity due to gas waste due to infrequent cleaning of stove fires, and low productivity. capital because the amount of working capital used is not proportional to the output produced. The solutions to increase productivity that have been implemented are cleaning the stove fire after use, reducing working capital, reducing the size of the cracker print and the diameter of the kemplang rolls, and paying attention to the use of flour and cooking oil so as not to spill on the floor. After implementation, there was an increase in the productivity of material, energy, and capital inputs respectively by 6.28252%; 6.28278%; and 0.05713% which causes an increase in output productivity of 6.283%.


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