Students' Difficulties In Speaking English

  • Ayuliamita Abadi UIN Sultan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi
  • Herni Tika
Keywords: Difficulties, Speaking, English


The objective of this study was to find out students difficulties in speaking English and the causes of the students difficulties in speaking English.  The research design was descriptive qualitative method. In collecting the data , observation and interview were used. The subject of the study was  the second grade students of MTsN 1 Bungo. The result study showed that that the students of second grade of MTsN 1 Bungo had difficulties in speaking English. It can be classified into two aspects; students’ linguistic problem and students’ personality problem. In students’ linguistic problem there were three difficulties in speaking English that faced by students. They were lack of pronunciation, lack of vocabulary, and lack of grammar. In students’ personality problem there were two difficulties faced by the students in speaking English. They were lack of confidence, shyness and nervous. The cause of the students’ difficulties in speaking English was afraid of making mistakes.

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