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Keywords: Social construction, Social reality, Externalization, Objectivity an Internalization


Social institutions are studied by social constructions include religion, family,  arriage, gender, "sick" psychological etc. From the perspective of social construction, it can be explained that it is impossible for someone to remove the phenomenon occurs in the community, and a process of internalization may be able to give an influence to someone. The ability in determining the weight or lightness of the existence of nature of the characteristics and phenomena that exist with the externalization process itself will form an objective reality. In this process one can put himself into the intersubjective world view. Where in the view of a world that can produce a process is objectivity on a process of meaningful subjective. It constructs the reality through texts which are never free from certain interests and values. Most of the listeners, readers, and viewers faithfully perceive the texts, without any reserve, as if the texts presented to them are true representations of the realities. They are led to the frames created by the corresponding media. Thus, the public see the reality similar to that of the media. They are trapped consciously or unconsciously by the patterns of media construction.


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